Why study in USa

The United States of America is amongst the most popular study destinations globally, housing the world’s top-ranked institutions. It is known to host the highest number of international students from all over the globe. Studying in the USA offers a perfectly blended student experience with an exciting campus environment and cultural diversity.

The melting-pot country provides an ideal environment for students’ developmental growth through flexible education methods and promotes creative thinking in various fields of study. It houses all 8 Ivy League universities of the world, of which Harvard University holds the highest rank in the country and is considered the most prestigious. Thanks to the sheer size of the country and a large number of schools and universities, there is a university suited for each student. From the breathtaking L.A. beaches to the Big Apple, the United States is truly the land of opportunities.

Popular study abroad universities in usa

Popular courses in usa

Technology and Engineering

Marine Biology & Life Science

Business and Management



Physical and Life Science


Fine arts



Social Science

Political Science

work opportunities in usa

The F1 visa, the student visa, allows you to work in the USA but only under certain conditions. You have to comply with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services regulations. You can opt for free on-campus employment. There are three off-campus employment categories available for international students –

On-Campus Employment (OCE)

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)