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Let Dream EAC be the wind beneath your wings and give flight to your Dreams of studying abroad

Dream EAC is an educational consultancy headquartered in Chennai, India, with a virtual presence worldwide. Our unwavering dedication is centered around education and career development.

We Are

Enthusiastic about making global education accessible to students across India.
Every Year

We assist numerous aspiring students from various corners of the country in realizing their dream of studying in countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and more.

How did we get here?

Started In 2019, Dream EAC First Set Out To Fill The Information Gap Between Students With A Desire To Travel Abroad And Universities Offering International Programs. Our Reliable Branch Network With Well-Established Institutions Globally And Spotless Reputation Helps Us Deliver Unparalleled Services And Advice.


We continue to work tirelessly to create new resources and share international study opportunities because we believe anyone can find their own way to see the world and shine. We work for you and we are at your service, Always.

Values we live by


Student-Centric Collaboration


Results Driven by Passion


Continuous Improvement as a Standard


Honesty and Transparency in all Endeavors


Nurturing Trust and Building Relationships


Embracing Innovation and Progress as Cornerstones


To transform the lives of our students by bringing global education within everyone’s reach.


To make a transformative impact through continual innovation in student services by connecting institutions and students.


To render proficient services by making the process simpler and more streamlined for students


To fulfil the academic ambitions of the aspirants while helping them in making the right career decisions


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Overseas Education Counsellor| Speaker
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