Why study in UK

The United Kingdom is home to the world’s most esteemed universities and is among the popular destinations for studying abroad. Ranked as the best education systems in the world, the British Education System provides a plethora of courses in various subjects including Business, Engineering, Medicine, Arts, and Design delivered through exceptional teaching styles. The curriculum is designed in a flexible way which helps students customize their courses depending on their unique interests. The United Kingdom is among the top countries for advanced research and has contributed consistently to groundbreaking discoveries.

Apart from ranking high in academic excellence, the UK is known for its multicultural ethos that attracts many students globally. Famed for its heritage sites and art, students can also indulge a dynamic culture which makes their stay merrier. Being the global hub of Europe, the country has a high-income economy making it the best place to find various job opportunities.

The melting-pot country provides an ideal environment for students’ developmental growth through flexible education methods and promotes creative thinking in various fields of study. It houses all 8 Ivy League universities of the world, of which Harvard University holds the highest rank in the country and is considered the most prestigious. Thanks to the sheer size of the country and a large number of schools and universities, there is a university suited for each student. From the breathtaking L.A. beaches to the Big Apple, the United States is truly the land of opportunities.

Popular study abroad universities in uk

Popular courses in uK

Business and Administrative Studies

Engineering and Technology

Law including LLM and LLB



Creative Arts and Design

Social Science

Biological Sciences

Aramaic Studies

work opportunities in uk

During study abroad in UK, you will have the opportunity to work seamlessly. The maximum number of hours you may work during a regular academic year is 20. In this regard, you will be able to cover all your tuition fees and other expenses on your own. Therefore, the UK is a very affordable destination for international students. However, you must receive a job offer from an employer in order to qualify for this position. During the holiday season, you may work full-time. Students between the ages of 16 and 20 in the United Kingdom are entitled to a minimum wage of Euro 5.3 per hour. Over the age of 21, you are entitled to a Euro 6.7 hourly payment.